Adverbs of Degree in Comparisons

Adverbs of Degree in Comparisons :

The adverbs of degree that are used in comparisons of equality are entirely different.

1. Mary is almost as tall as her sister.
2. Joan isn't quite as sun-burnt as his brother.
3. It is practically as fine as it was yesterday.
4. I have very nearly as many friends as my wife.
5. The apples cost almost as much as the pears.
6. Jag's bicycle didn't cost anything like as much as mine.
7. Oniff can't read Hindi quite as well as Janiff.
8. The problem was very nearly as easy as you said it was.
9. The book wasn't quite as interesting as he thought it was going to be.
10. Mr. Khan has driven almost twice as far as Mr. Latif has.

Read the following.

1. He was not nearly such a wealthy man as we thought he was.
2. He was not nearly as wealthy as we thought he was.
3. Mrs. Sam is not as poor as he looks.
4. I am not quite as stupid as they say I am.
5. Peter answered very much as we expected.

Study the following sentences.

1. He came very late exactly as we wanted him to.
2. Susan won the competition very much as we expected.
3. Mani is only a centimetre shorter than his elder brother.
4. Jagnath is just three years older than his wife.
5. It is five degrees warmer now than it was at five O'clock.
6. It is getting colder as it always does at night.

Study the following sentences.

(i) Lead is the heaviest of all metals.
Lead is heavier than all other metals.
No other metal is as heavy as lead.

(ii) Ooty is cooler than Kodaikkanal.
Kodaikkanal is not as cool as Ooty.

(iii) Akbar is as wise as Soloman.
Soloman is not wiser than Akbar is.

(iv) Sakuntalam is the best drama in Sanskrit.
Sakuntalam is better than any other drama in Sanskrit.
No other drama in Sanskrit is as good as Sakuntalam.

(v) Ahmedabad is one of the biggest of Indian towns.
Ahmedabad is bigger than most other Indian towns.
Very few Indian towns are as big as Ahmedabad.

(vi) Bharathi is not greater than some other poets.
Some poets are not less great than Bharathi.
Bharathi is not the greatest of all poets.

Adverbs of Degree in Comparisons

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