Adversative Conjunctions

Adversative Conjunctions :

BUT : conjunction

1. Against what might be expected
2. Inspite of this

1. The situation looks very desperate indeed. But I haven't given up hope yet.

2. I am slow, but I am sure.

3. I am poor, but proud.

4. It is cheap, but it is good.

5. I have not one but three wives.

6. I would like to go, but I'm too busy.

Still : adverb

1. Even
2. Upto now
3. At this moment
4. Upto then and at that moment

1. It is raining. Still we must go out.
2. I am annoyed. Still I am calm and quiet.
Only : (conjunction)

1. expect that
2. but

1. She wants to go. Only that she hasn't got enough money.
2. She would come. Only that she is engaged.
3. I am all right. Only I am tired.

These conjunctions, but, still and only are called Adversative Conjunctions. They express opposition or contrast between two statements.

Adversative – Adverse - (adjective) – Unfavourable

Adversative Conjunctions

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