Advertisements :

Advertisements are as much a part of our daily lives as air! We see them everywhere - when we read the morning paper, when we go to school or office or anywhere outside, we see hoardings containing advertisements. If we watch Television or a film, we cannot escape advertisements.

Types of Advertisements

Classified Advertisements :

These are small advertisements that are placed in the classified columns of a newspaper and are very brief. They generally carry only text. Such advertisements are placed by individuals or small companies that want to reach out to other individuals for the purpose of doing business. The person placing the advertisement has to pay per word, hence they are very brief.

Typical Classified Ads :

A governess for two eight-year-old twins
Must possess a passport and be ready to travel to various countries.
Contact : Naman Chopra : 01124 - 1232204400

A 2 BHK flat in Worli
Only serious buyers may contact.
Brokers not welcome.
Contort : Ramesh Gupta – 0927482051231

Display Advertisements :

These are full of pictures, catchy slogans and are usually big enough to catch the attention of the reader. In media like the Television and the movies, jingles or short songs are also included in display advertisements.

Features of An Advertisement

Classified Advertisement

Short and Crisp : Like a telegram, it is short and to the point.

Cost : As the person who places the advertisement has to pay per word, a classified advertisement is very brief.

A catchy headline : One word that encompasses what the advertisement is about is placed at the beginning of the advertisement and is in bold.

Display Advertisement

A good headline : This captures the attention of the reader and makes sure that he pays attention to the advertisement.

Few words but powerful : In order to keep the reader’s attention engaged, the advertisement should convey maximum information in minimum words.

Visually attractive : Attractive and relevant pictures enhance the appeal of an advertisement.

Credentials : Words like ISO Certified, Doctors’ recommendation, Time-tested mentioning the credibility of the product enhance the worth of the product.

Call to action : ‘Buy now’, ‘Easy installments’, ‘Hurry! Limited Stocks’ - such words as these ensure that the reader takes the next and most important step which is to buy the product.

Design an advertisement for the following.

Stick a Picture of your favourite advertisement. Draw arrows to point out each of the features listed above. Also state why you liked this particular advertisement.

Write classified advertisements for the following people.

1. A businessman wants to sell his business because he wants to go abroad.
2. A school wants two teachers - one for music and the other for PE.
3. Parents of a 23-year-old girl are looking for a suitable match for their daughter for marriage.

Create a display advertisement for each of the following products.

1. A machine that washes and dries your hair
2. An eraser that can erase even pen marks
3. A series of books that is very useful for learning English grammar


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