Akbar and Birbal Stories

Akbar and Birbal Stories :

This page is a collection of stories of the Mughal King Akbar and one of his famous courtiers Birbal who was very witty and had great presence of mind. He was so quick and prompt in his reply to any question of the king that the king was always left speechless. With the time, Birbal became his most trusted courtier and advisor. Other courtiers became jealous of him. Thus stories in this page are very interesting. Besides, these stories also talk about the lives of those people lived during the period of Akbar and Birbal. These stories have been written in simple and easy language which every one can understand. The stories of Akbar Birbal have become a part of our folklore.

What is most interesting about these stories is that the stories are not only liked by children but also by people of other age group. Moreover, with the time, these stories have become more popular. We have added many stories of this genre which have a special place among the moral stories. People from all walks of life are getting attracted towards these stories. It would really be enjoyable to know what made these stories so popular and enduring.

The main attraction of these stories is the wit and sheer presence of mind of Birbal who became cynosure of all eyes for his qualities. He won the trust of Emperor Akbar and became his most trusted advisor and friend. All these earned him the jealousy of other courtiers who were engaged in back biting against him. The stories also reflect the sparkling honesty and wisdom in Birbal’s reply. The stories of Akbar and Birbal have been translated into many other languages.

These stories also have some historical values as they reflect upon the lives of Akbar’s kingdom. In the years to come, they are likely to become more popular. We keep on collecting more stories of Akbar and Birbal and we will add those stories over the period to come. Even if the readers have any such story, you are requested to let us have the story.

We will add that story here and you will be duly acknowledged. There are many other stories from other genres in other pages of this website. But, every story conveys either wisdom and witty remarks which keep us interested in stories. We expect that readers would like and appreciate our efforts.

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Akbar and Birbal Stories

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