Akbar in disguise

Akbar in disguise :

One day King Akbar decided to wear a fearsome disguise so that he could scare Birbal. So he choose disguise of a demon. It had horrible head and several long and sharp teeth and had a black colour which truly scared a person off. Wearing this disguise, King Akbar made a surprise visit at Birbal’s mansion. But Birbal was very clever. He recognised King Akbar in disguise immediately He welcomed him inside and felt very happy. After giving some refreshments to the King, Birbal grew thoughtful. Seeing this, King Akbar questioned, “Birbal, I see you were very happy but suddenly you are looking worried and deep in thought. What’s the matter?”

“Your Majesty, you are quite right. I was very happy to receive you as a guest. But now I am worried. I can’t make out what made you choose a disguise. Whom are you so scared of that you had to use a disguise to hide yourself?”

King Akbar felt ashamed that he could not scare even Birbal, instead he thought that the King was scared of someone.

Akbar in disguise

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