Aladdin and The Magical Lamp

Aladdin and The Magical Lamp :

Long before, in a small village there lived a 17 year old young boy, Aladdin with his mother. After his father’s death, his mother worked in four houses and earned a meager salary. One morning, there came a middle aged man “I am your father’s cousin,” he introduced himself and gave them a lot of money.

“I am from Arabia Once. Your father had told me about both of you. But I did not have time to visit you then. Now my ship is berthed in the harbor. It will sail in a little while from now. I wish to take Aladdin with me When he returns, he will return as a rich man!” he tempted them.

Aladdin left with his uncle. The man took him to the nearby forest. There in the isolated spot, he paused behind a bush. Aladdin watched with growing interest.

“There is a cave full of gold and diamonds. You can take as much as you can Okay?” the uncle told Aladdin.

The innocent Aladdin nodded. The man then took a packet from the bag and opened it and extracted fistful of powders. He tossed them at one corner. Alas! The next moment, the ground parted away and there appeared a cave!

Aladdin went and looked inside the cave. There he saw a heap of sparkling gold and diamond! “Here, wear this ring. Rub it if you need any help. Now, get in there and take as much as you can. I don’t need them. What I need is an old oil lamp over there. Get me that. That’s all!”

Aladdin filled his pockets with gold and diamonds. Then he spotted the old and rusted oil lamp.

“Why he wants this old lamp, leaving all the fortune aside?” he doubted.

He took the lamp and turned, “Give me a hand, uncle,” he extended his hand.

“First give me the light,” he demanded. But Aladdin did not give it. The man got angry and shut the opening of the cave and left!

Aladdin was trapped inside! He understood that the man was not his uncle and that he was a magician. Suddenly he remembered the ring that the man had given to him. He rubbed it. In a jiffy, a giant appeared! He asked what he wanted. Aladdin ordered to take him back home.

The next moment, Aladdin was at home! He gave the gold, diamond and the old lamp and narrated everything that had happened. He then casually rubbed the lamp to cleanse it. The next instant, there emerged white smoke. Then a mighty genie came into view.

“I am at your beck and call. Master Order me what is your pleasure?" said the genie.

Aladdin asked for a palace, wealth and servants. And the genie provided him with everything. Then Aladdin lived like a prince and he helped the poor. Thus, the mother and son lived happily Few months later, Aladdin married the Sultan’s daughter. However, he carefully preserved the old and rusted lamp!

Words about Aladdin spread far and wide. The magician heard it. He decided to get back the lamp by hook or by crook! One day when Aladdin had gone out, the magician carried a basket full of new lamps and went calling on the street, “New lamp for the old!” It was something like an exchange offer.

Aladdin’s young wife remembered the old lamp in the house. She took it out and got a new one as a replacement. The magician went back. Once out of sight, he rubbed the lamp. When the genie appeared, he ordered, “Take back Aladdin’s palace and throw them out to a far off land in a small hut!”

Aladdin was shocked to see his palace was no longer over there! He understood what had happened He rubbed the ring and invited the genie from it “Take me and my mother to my wife” The genie in the ring did as he was told. His wife briefed him how she had disposed the old lamp for a new one.

“It is a magical lamp. Don’t worry. I will get it back!” he pacified her.

Late that night, he rubbed the ring. The genie appeared before him “Take me to the magician's house” When he reached there, he saw the magician who was sleeping. Aladdin sneaked in, found the lamp and took it back!

He invited the genie “Bring me the palace as before. And throw the magician to a far off island!” The genie did as he was ordered.

Having got back his wife, palace and all wealth, Aladdin told his wife about the lamp. It was like regaining the lost paradise and the three member family lived happily ever after.

Aladdin and The Magical Lamp

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Aladdin and The Magical Lamp - Aladdin and The Magical Lamp
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