Alternate :

Alternate : (adjective)

Meanings :

1. (of two things) happening by turns

2. the first one and then the other

3. occur in turn repeatedly

Example Sentences :

1. He works on alternate days.

2. That was a week of alternate rain and sunshine.

3. Arrange the leeks and noodles in alternate layers

Alternate (verb) : (with & between)

Alternate with :

Alternate between :

Meanings :

1. to (cause to) follow by turns

Example Sentences :

1. Work alternated with sleep.

2. Long periods of depression alternate with short periods of excited behavior.

3. My happiness alternate with sadness every month.

4. Hospital crews alternate between emergency and regular work.

5. Our uniforms alternate between black-and-white.

Alternative - (Noun)

Alternative (to) : a chance to choose or decide between two or more possible things (or) courses of action

1. The only alternative to being taken prisoner was to die fighting.

2. There is always an alternative to any plan or situation.

3. The flood and ebb tides alternate with each other.

4. The alternative to submission is death.


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