Alternative Conjunctions

Alternative Conjunctions :

Disjunctive Conjunctions and Alternative Conjunctions are one and the same.

1. Or
2. Either…..or…..
3. Neither….nor….
4. Else

OR - (conjunction)

often with either
used before the last of a set of possibilities

1. He can't be ill or he wouldn't have come.
2. I shall have to cash a cheque or I shan't have enough money.


Either you leave this house or I will call the police.
If either Daniel or Janet comes, he or she will want a drink.
It was either in May or in June.


This shirt is made of neither wool nor cotton.
It happened neither yesterday nor the day before.
Go quickly. Else you will fail to overtake him.

OR, EITHER……OR….., NEITHER…..NOR….. and ELSE these are called Disjunctive Conjunctions or Alternative Conjunctions. These Conjunctions express a choice between two alternatives.

Alternative Conjunctions

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