An Analysis of The Noun

An Analysis of The Noun :

1. I believe in his innocence.

I - pronoun - Subject nominative case
believe - verb - Predicate
in his innocence - Preposition phrase
in - Preposition, Governs 'innocence'
his - pronoun (possessive)
Innocence - abstract noun object of 'in' accusative case

2. The judge believes in Lac's innocence.

The - adjective, definite article
Judge - Subject - nominative case
believes - verb - present tense - Predicate
in - preposition - governs 'innocence'
Lac's - genitive case Innocence - objective case - Object of 'in'

3. A Lot of the customs are dying out now.

Lot - common noun, subject of "are dying”
Customs - common noun - Plural - object of OF

An Analysis of The Noun

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