An Ass and A Bull

An Ass and A Bull :

Once there lived a farmer in Arabia. His name was Abdul Qadir. He owned many things - a big house, vast cultivated land, an ass and a bull. He used the bull to plough the fields. And he carried wheat, barley, maize, crops and other commodities on the ass’ back. Thus he lived comfortably.

What was so special about him was that he had the uncanny ability of understanding the animals’ language! He had quite often heard his bull and ass talking with each other!

The bull was an innocent fellow…but the ass was crafty!

But, he was careful not to show any sign of knowing their language! So, his two domestic animals talked freely with each other even when Qadir was around. It was always the ass that teased the bull.

“Hey, you, ‘Booby’ bull…what is that you munch?” asked the ass one day

“It is called chewing the cud. We cattle do that. We bring back the partly digested food to eat for the second time. Why…don’t you know that?” asked the bull.

The ass grimaced “How do you fellows do that? The very thought of it is making me to vomit!”

Farmer, Qadir heard every word they spoke. He was busy spreading the hay in front of the bull. When he was about to leave, the conversation between the ass and the bull drifted to an interesting subject!

“You big fellows are born to slave! You plough the field and draw cart all day long. But, take me for example. I too carry the goods on my back. But that is not for the whole day as you do. It’s just once a day!” remarked the ass.

“That is my fate, friend!” said the bull with a sting of hurt in its voice.

“I have an idea,” went on the ass.

“Tomorrow morning as usual when you are going to be shackled. Fake some illness! Grunt feebly. Lurch and squat down abruptly! He will know that you are sick and spare you. Then you can enjoy all day long with me!”

Qadir heard every word they spoke. But he remained quiet “When a stupid ass acts so smart….why not a man with six senses? I will teach the ass a lesson!” he thought.

The next day, he tried the bull. But it put an act as if it was ill. Hiding a grin, Qadir approached the ass. He looked quizzically at the ass. The next moment, he took the ass to the field. The ass toiled from morning to evening in the hot sun!

It was shocking to the ass! The ass never thought that it would be taken in the place of the bull “What if he takes me again tomorrow? It can’t go very long. I have to think of a way to escape from it,” it thought.

After reaching home, Qadir tied the ass next to the bull. Then he went in. But he was hiding behind window and listening to them.

“Hello friend, how did it go? Tough….wasn’t it?” asked the bull.

“It was tough But...” the ass dragged

“But what?” the bull became curious. Suddenly an idea struck the ass!

This was the moment Qadir waited for. He stood near the window and listened to them. The ass then put in casually, “Our master has a plan for you. If you know that, you will feel very sorry!”

“What is that?” it aroused the bull’s curiosity.

“Because you have put an act as though you were ill, our master plans to sell you to a butcher! I heard him speaking to the butcher this afternoon. After a day or two, if he finds you not recovered, he will dispose you to the butcher!”

The ass watched the reaction of the bull. This news rattled the bull!

The ass added, “So, that is it my friend. I don’t know. How you are going to change his idea, because we have been good friends all these years. I could not hide it from you. It is up to you to save yourself!”

Qadir heard what they spoke. The next morning, he went to the bull.

It pleased the bull. The bull allowed itself to be chained and taken to the field as before!

The ass cleverly managed the situation!

An Ass and A Bull

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An Ass and A Bull - An Ass and A Bull
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