An Excursion

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An Excursion :

An excursion is a short journey especially one made by a number of people together for pleasure. But school excursion is quite different from others. Excursion has become a part of education in schools and colleges. They arrange excursions every year for their students during Dasara or Xmus holidays. There is one golden saying - Read dictionary and go round the countries.

Education does not mean purely a bookish knowledge. It has its own wider sense. The people should have the complete understanding of the different ways in which our society and the world work. Excursion helps the man to get a first hand information about the lives, habits, customs and traditions, food habits and dress, language, agriculture, industry and commerce of various parts of a country.

Students no doubt may get information and description of a particular place, or a thing and of people in books. Knowledge which he gets by visiting those places remains long and he doesn’t forget. If a student visits Belur for himself, he knows the difference of reading and visiting.

In the same way students will have the chance of visiting industrial, commercial and geographical places. Such type of excursions will increase his knowledge. In India, there are thousands of places. Each place has its own glorious story to tell and shows us its magnificient beauty. Ruined empires and kingdoms, temples, palaces, forks lakes, are there. A number of big dams like Bhakranangal and Damodar. Steel industries and other giant factories are there. Nehru called our big multipurpose dams modern temples. Students must and should participate in the school excursion. It gives pleasure. Friendship will grow. It helps the students to know each other and live together and play joyfully.

(Here the students are required to write their own experience of an excursion of their own schools.)

An Excursion

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