An Exhibition

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An Exhibition :

This is the age of publicity. Everything requires advertisement. In business circle, the role of publicity and advertisement has become a part of production. Modern industries and commercial firms must and should give more importance to the allocation of money for advertisement in their annual budget. Without publicity there will be no demand for the product. So they spend crores of rupees on advertisement in newspapers, magazines, handbills, radio, television and conducting spoils matches. They also arrange exhibitions often and often in towns and cities. In some big cities there will be a permanent building to exhibit things. It is useful for exhibiting things in small quantities. But they are not useful for conducting agricultural, industrial and defence exhibitions.

They require vast area to construct a number of big pavilions to exhibit big agricultural industrial and defence machines. Even Airplanes are exhibited. Recently an AIR SHOW had been arranged in Bangalore. More than twenty countries have participated in the show.

The main purpose of such big and extravagant exhibition is to push their product. This will enable the firms to sell their product and also they may enter into mutual trade- agreement with other countries. So the buying and selling become smooth because the concerned persons will see and inspect the things personally in the exhibition itself. These types of exhibitions are meant for big industrialists. For students and for common man they arc very costly. Usually, the entry fee will be too heavy. There are book exhibitions, art and painting exhibitions and handicraft exhibitions. They are attractive and educative and suitable for our purse. The consumer’s exhibition is very attractive for ladies. They are very interested in buying household articles. In these exhibitions, there will be entertainment programmes also like classical and light music, dance, drama and mimicry. Some exhibitions are educative also. For instance, an exhibition of historical things, help us to know the past history of our land.

During important festivals like Dasara, Diwali, Christmas and temple fairs, the exhibition will be arranged for the people. Whatever may be the type of exhibition, we should make it a point to visit it. It is not a waste of money and time. But we know something from it. There are many exhibitions taking place across the world.

An Exhibition

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