An Informal Letter

An Informal Letter :

Let us revise how to write an informal letter first.

We begin with the sender’s address.
There are many ways to write the address.
We will follow the easiest which is the block format.
According to this, the sender’s address should be to the left of the page, starting from the margin.

The last line should contain the name of the city you are living in followed by the pin code.

1st October - 2013 (Note how the date is written. This is very important.)
Dear , (The sender’s address is followed by the salutation. This is a greeting to the person whom you are writing the letter. This should also begin at the left margin.)

Now begins the body of the letter.

The letter should consist of three paragraphs.

The first paragraph deals with the topic of the letter.

The second paragraph gives details.

The third paragraph repeats the topic while taking leave of the person.

The first and third paragraphs are quite short. The second paragraph is long and can be further divided into many paragraphs.

The leave-taking comes next.

At the end of the letter, you take leave of the person by saying…

Yours affectionately (or) Yours lovingly,

In the next line you write your name.

Be careful not to write your surname.
This is an informal letter which means that the person who is reading your letter knows who you are. Hence, if you write your name and the surname, you are making the letter more formal.

Now write the following letters on your own.

1. You have just visited a place of great scenic beauty. Write a letter to your friend describe the place. Mention at least two places that specially attracted you.

2. Your cousin has invited you to spend the summer vacations with him / her at your native place. Unfortunately, you have already made other plans for the holidays. Write a letter to your cousin declining the invitation. Mention the reasons for not being able to visit him / her.

3. You have just joined a computer course near your house. Write a letter to your friend persuading him / her to also join the course. Mention the details of the course, the duration and the topics covered and the fees. Also give reasons why you think this course will be beneficial for your friend.

4. Your grandfather has just celebrated his 75th birthday. Write a letter to him on this occasion. You should describe the influence your grandfather has had on your life and what aspects of his character you have found particularly appealing.

An Informal Letter

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