An Interjection

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An Interjection :

An interjection is a word spoken suddenly to express some strong feeling.

1. Hurray! Pratap has won. (Hurray is a shout of joy.)

2. Ouch! You have trodden on my toes! (Ouch is used to express sudden pain.)

3. Bravo! Well hit. (We use bravo to express our pleasure when somebody has done something well.)

4. Wow! What a tall building! (Wow is used to express great surprise.)

5. Hey! What are you doing there? (Hey is used to attract someone’s attention.)

Some words belong to more than one part of speech.

Study the following.

1. The phone is ringing. (noun)
2. I phone my uncle every day. (verb)

3. I have a pain in the back. (noun)
4. I will come back in five minutes, (adverb)
5. Have you closed the back door? (adjective)
6. We backed his car through the gate. (verb)

An Interjection

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