Analogy :

Complete each analogy by choosing the most appropriate word.
Write your answer in the blank.
You may consult a dictionary.

a. Train is to driver as airplane is to........

i. fly
ii. air
iii. pilot
iv. wings

b. Pen is to write as towel is to........

i. bath
ii. cloth
iii. clean
iv. dry

c. Annoyed is to furious as pleased is to........

i. satisfied
ii. helped
iii. delighted
iv. write

d. Boat is to water as bus is to........

i. fly
ii. road
iii. pilot
iv. wings

e. It is to its’ as paper is to........

i. papers
ii. paper’s
iii. papers’
iv. flightless

f. Mammoth is to mammal as dodo is to........

i. extinct
ii. hen
iii. bird
iv. angry

g. It is is to it’s as cannot is to........

i. cann’t
ii. can’t
iii. iii. can nt
iv. ca’nnt


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