Analogy :

Complete each analogy by choosing the most appropriate word.
Write your answer in the blank.
You may consult a dictionary.

a. Heat is to hot as honesty is to….

i. truthfulness
ii. trust
iii. honest
iv. policy

b. Leaves is to leaf as wolves is to….

i. dogs
ii. wolve
iii. wolf
iv. pages

c. Quick is to quickly as fast is to…..

i. starve
ii. fastly
iii. rapid
iv. fast

d. Size is to sighs as bored is to …

i. board
ii. bid
iii. boat
iv. bad

e. Sail is to sailor as pick is to

i. choose
ii. picker
iii. nose
iv. huge

f. Leaves is to leave as starts is to......

i. start
ii. stop
iii. stove
iv. ends

g. Great is to greatest as good is to….

i. goodest
ii. best
iii. nice
iv. tool

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