Analysis of Clauses

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Analysis of Clauses :

Analyse the following sentences into clauses. State the kind and function of each clause.

1. He said he would not come because he was unwell.

2. When she awoke, she found that the house was on fire.

3. While the General was speaking with Mildred, he received a message that Butler has escaped.

4. The bird dropped the box containing Gulliver and he was rescued by a ship which was on its way to England.

5. It is not easy to know what we should do with leisure unless we have been brought up to it.

6. If I had come upon the place the next day they would have missed me, because they have planned to go away again early in the morning.

7. So poor are some of these men that they will shoot at anything that flies by.

8. A man who can do stunts in an aeroplane finds the pleasure so great that for the sake of it, he is willing to risk his life.

9. Presently the sky became brighter and he saw everything before him so clearly that he could not help turning round to look at Eurydice.

10. No woman and few men would be pleased if you said that they did not know the difference between good and bad in dress.

11. If you cannot travel, seek out people with whom you disagree and read a newspaper belonging to a party that is not yours.

12. Everyone, who has travelled by primitive methods in an undeveloped country, knows that the difference between that kind of travel and modem travel in trains and cars is the difference between life and death.

13. All the evil in this world is brought about by persons who are always up and doing, but do not know when they ought to be up nor when they ought to be doing.

14. I came to England when I was twelve and when I landed I could speak, rather badly, two words of English which I had-learned on the channel boat.

15. The belief that science destroys culture is sometimes supported by historical statements that the arts have flourished only when the sciences have been neglected.

16. One man I know has a compact with a page-boy, whose duty it is, whenever my friend is attacked by a certain bore in the club, to hasten up and say he is wanted on the telephone.

Analysis of Clauses

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