Appositive Phrases

Appositive Phrases :

Phrase :

A Phrase is a combination of group of related words which contribute to the overall structure of the sentence and the meaning of the sentence.

They visited the temple in the Big City – Tirupati.

The group of words in bold is called a phrase. The group of words has no separate meaning whereas that group of words adds value to the overall sentence and gives meaning to the sentence. This is the nature of a phrase and the limitation of a phrase. Since, a phrase plays a various functions in a sentence; there are nine types of phrases widely used in our sentences. The noun in this type of phrase is called the object of the preposition.

Appositive Phrases

This phrase is a noun or a noun phrase or noun clause that renames a noun that comes just before it. Remember that this phrase can consist of a single word or several words. This phrase can become essential, if adds more information to the noun. The word APPOSITIVE is the opposite of an oppositive.

He is a good teacher, educated in Harvard and having experience of 10 years in teaching.

In the above sentence “educated in Harvard and having experience of 10 years in teaching” is a phrase which says something about the word TEACHER which just precedes it.

My brother Kumar is doing his Master Degree in India.

In this sentence Kumar is my bother. So, KUMAR is this type of phrase.

Mrs. Kumari, the Head-mistress of my school, wears sari everyday.

In this sentence also, Mrs. Kumari is the Head-mistress of my school.

We prefer our native place Ponparappi.

In this sentence also our native place is Ponparappi.

So, this type of phrase can be used in place of the noun of the verb.

Few More Examples of Sentences with This Type of Phrases :

1. Our horse Dargen is still active to run in the race.

2. The Book MY LIFE IS MY MESSAGE was written by Mahatma Gandhi.

3. The Father of USA Washington was a great scholar in his time.

4. The Capital of Japan YOKYO is always throbbing with active youngsters.

5. The best exercise, walking briskly, is the least expensive.

6. Your father, Mr. Kannan, was here last month for thee days.

7. Junk Foods, carbonated drinks, are waste of money and bad for health.

8. My friend, Rajaram, was away from Chennai when I got married.


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Appositive Phrases :

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