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Kolkata is one of the biggest cities in India. I have lived here for two years. The city is always crowded. I go to the office by bus. I have to wait a long time at the bus-stop. I have a son and a daughter. My son goes to the college on a bicycle. My daughter goes to the school on foot because the school is quite near. My neighbour Mr. Karim and I are working in the same office. We go to cinema together. We play tennis in the evening. Sometimes we swim in Cianga. Mr. Karim plays flute very well.

Jawaharlal Nehru was born in a very wealthy family. He could have lived in a luxury all his life. But he did not. He made a great sacrifice in order to serve his country. He went to prison several times for the sake of his country. He was rightly chosen as The Prime Minister of The Republic of India. He served India till the moment of his death and brought about a progress of the country. Indians can never forget the service he did to their country and the love he showed towards them.

The king was once defeated by his enemies. He felt that it would be useless to fight any longer. He left battlefield and hid in a cave. He saw a spider trying to climb up the roof of a cave. As soon as the spider neared the roof, it fell down. Again it tried to reach the roof and again it fell down. But it did not give up attempt. It tried again and again till it succeeded in reaching roof. This was valuable lesson to the king. The king thought that he too would succeed if he tried again and again. He ran back to the battlefield, attacked his enemies and won a grand victory.

Articles in Paragraphs

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