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Article : (noun) - a word used with a noun to show whether the noun refers to a particular example of something (the definite article THE in English) or to a general or not already mentioned example of something (the indefinite articles A or AN in English)

In English, it is often necessary to use an article in front of a noun.

There are two kinds of article.

(i) The definite article - THE
(ii) The indefinite articles - A & AN

'How to use the articles' is very important in English. Then alone one can speak well and write well.

Countable nouns : Egg, Insect, Butterfly, etc…

Uncountable nouns : Sugar, Rice, Water, etc…

Note : In usage, countable nouns may be used as uncountable nouns also.

The Egg was bad. (egg - countable noun)

He wiped the egg from round his mouth. (the egg - uncountable)

Is the noun countable or uncountable?

Singular countable nouns always need an article or another determiner like my, this etc….

Other nouns can sometimes be used alone.

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