Atom for Peace

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Atom for Peace :

The world has witnessed three great epochs. The first is marked by the emergence of the early civilizations. The second is marked by the industrial revolution leading to civilization in which we live. The third is marked by the discovery of atomic energy and the dawn of the Atomic Age. The theory of limitless energy released by the splitting of the atom had been propounded by the world famous scientist Einstein. But he was unaware of the fact that the power-mongers would use this energy for the destruction of mankind. The world witnessed the inhuman and merciless act when the Americans dropped two atom bombs on the two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. LITTLE BOY (Name of the Atom Bomb) was dropped on Hiroshima (5th August 1945).

FAT MAN was dropped on Nagasaki (9th August 1945). Both the cities were wiped off from the face of the earth and the six year old world war came to an abrupt end. It sent a wave of horror and indignation on account of the inhuman mass slaughter and indescribable havoc caused in Japan. Large sections of thinking people and others denounced the use of monstrous weapon as a most immoral and barbaric act. The entire world demanded that it should be completely banned.

But that did not take place. Instead of banning that monstrous energy, the scientists showed the technique of using that energy for peaceful purposes. Atomic energy is really the most powerful energy man has so far discovered. It is estimated that a fraction of this energy is sufficient for running the mills and factories of a big town like New York, London or Mumbai. If the atomic energy is available it will replace all other forms of energy such as water power, wind power, steam and electricity. The Atomic energy can light up oceanic high ways. It can run trains, trams and buses. It can facilitate the housewife in running home laundries, electronic computers etc. This energy will also increase our yield per acre. It is very useful in the field of medicine. The progress of nuclear physics, the sources of radiation produced by the latest reactors can be used to diagnose disease. The doctor may use X-rays. It is referred to as X-ray diagnosis.

The radioactive isotopes are administered to patients to assess whether the body functions normally or to detect tumors. This is referred to as nuclear medicine. Radiation is also used to kill malignant cells. This is referred to as radiation therapy or radiation oncology. There are applications of radiation for detecting the possible presence of cancerous tumor in breasts: It is used in cancer and radiation therapy, it has effects in plants also. Ionizing radiations produce changes in plants. It has been used successfully to control insects. Radiation has been used in the preservation of food.

The very essential and needful thing that the man requires is power. Atomic energy will serve our purpose nuclear plants produce 17% of the world’s electricity, with some countries producing as much as 50 to 70 percent of their requirements. There are only 26 countries including India which generate electricity from nuclear power plants.

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is named after the renowned Indian Pioneer nuclear physicist - Home J. Bhabha It started in the year 1957 at Trombay near Mumbai. It is the largest single scientific establishment in the country. Most of the research and development on the application of atomic energy is done here. There are other divisions also.

Atom for Peace

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Atom for Peace
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