Attributive Adjuncts

Attributive Adjuncts :

It has been explained already that all such additions qualify the Subject-word and hence they are either Adjectives or words having the force of an Adjective.

The Definite and Indefinite articles, although properly speaking they belong to the class of Demonstrative adjectives, are not counted by some writers as Adjuncts in the analysis of sentences.

The principal kinds of Attributive Adjuncts are…

1. An Adjective :
A heavy shower fell today.
He served hot tea to us.
They walked through a long avenue.

2. A Participle or Verbal Adjective :
The fleeing crowds thronged the streets.
The running students will be penalized.
The laughing teachers violate the rules.

3. A Gerundial Infinitive :
Water to drink is scarce in this place.
Books to read are few in number.
Food to eat is not available.

4. A Noun in the Genitive Case or a Possessive Adjective :
My son's teacher called here today.
His work is always carefully done.
My sister’s husband is coming today.

5. A Noun or Gerund used as an Adjective :
The village watchman fell asleep in the night.
Drinking water is scarce in this place.
Eating habits of these people are raw.

6. A Noun in Apposition :
Alexander, the King of Macedon, conquered Persia.
Ashoka, the king, conquered the whole India.
India, the ancient, is religious in its spirit.

7. An Adjective Phrase :
A man of virtue (= a virtuous man) will not tell a lie.
The girl of character will heed her parents.
The student of knowledge will excel in this exam.

8. An Adverb with some Participle omitted :
The then king - the then (reigning) king


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Attributive Adjuncts :

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