Auxiliary Verb and Subject

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Auxiliary Verb and Subject :

So + auxiliary verb + subject

1. Apples are dear. So are oranges.

2. I’ve seen the film. So have I.

3. I knew all the answers. So did I.

4. Vijay can speak English. So does his wife.

5. I know her. So do I.

6. You have done well. So have they.

7. We’ll be at the meeting. So will they.

Nor / Neither + auxiliary verb + subject

8. Vinay doesn’t smoke. Nor does his brother.

9. They can’t attend. Nor can I.

10. We haven’t heard anything yet. Neither has he.

11. Gopal didn’t pass the exam. Neither did Ramesh.

12. We didn’t have any change and nor did the taxi-driver.

13. I don’t trust him. Nor do I.

14. You didn’t come early. Neither did you.

Auxiliary Verb and Subject

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