Auxiliary Verb Used To

Auxiliary Verb Used To :

This is another auxiliary verb. But this is only marginal one. Unless other auxiliary verbs, this is in past tense. So, when it is used with the verb DO to make negatives and questions, the natural form of the verb becomes DID.

1. We used to going for a walk before dinner everyday.
2. He used to paying his fees through online mode.
3. Your father used to visit us when he comes for walk everyday morning.

This USED TO can be used to refer to something that was true in the past, but which is no more true.

1. I used to prefer tea when I was young.
2. Your sister used to write her own record-notes when she was in school.
3. His father used to be tense when he was in Mumbai.

USED TO is used with the pronouns as following.

1. I used to drive my own car when I was in Chennai.
2. We used to take coffee during our evening walk.
3. You used to smile at me when you meet me.
4. He used to pay his fees in this counter.
5. She used to wear only sarees.
6. It used to come along with me last year.
7. They used to salute their teachers.
8. You used to send me hand-written letters.

USED TO takes USED NOT TO as its negative form.

1. I used not to watch films when I was young.
2. He used not to come late to the meetings.
3. Things used not to be so good last year.

Auxiliary Verb Used To

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