Barriers in Mind

Barriers in Mind :

In an experiment, a shark was placed into a large tank of water. Then, some small fish were released into the tank. As expected, the shark swam around and ate all the fish. Then a tough piece of fiberglass was inserted into the tank. Thus creating a division between where the shark and the smaller fish. The shark again went after the fish. But this time it collided into the fiberglass and bounced off. The shark kept trying again and again. The fishes on the other side swam peacefully without any fear of getting eaten. The shark finally gave up. This experiment was repeated for several weeks. The shark became less aggressive every single time. The researchers removed the fiberglass. To their surprise, the shark stopped attacking the fish because the shark had been trained by habit. The same happens with us in our lives too. We face setbacks, failures and rejections and stop trying like the shark in the story. We think that because we failed in the past. It's foolish to even try again. We think there are barriers that are much stronger than us and they're stopping us from achieving our dreams. When in fact, there are no real barriers that can stop you from achieving your dreams and going where you want to go. The barriers you face are mental barriers which can be broken by adopting a more positive approach.
Clarence Blasier

Barriers in Mind

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