Birbal and The Hairless Palms

Birbal and The Hairless Palms :

Once King Akbar was looking at his palms, he thought up a question. He sent for Birbal immediately. When Birbal came to King Akbar, he asked Birbal about that.

He asked him, “Birbal, tell me why I don’t have hair growing on the palms of my hands?”

Birbal grew thoughtful and replied, “Your Majesty, your palms are always busy giving away alms and rewards to the people around you. As the palms are rubbed against all the time, no hair can grow there at all.”

King Akbar smiled and then asked another question, “And why don’t I see any hair growing on your palms, Birbal?”

“Oh! Your Majesty, you are too kind and giving. You are always giving me gifts and rewards. My hands are always busy receiving them so the rub on my palm does not let the hair grow there.”

King Akbar laughed at Birbal’s witty reply and rewarded him for his hairless palm once again.

Birbal and The Hairless Palms

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