Black Beauty

Black Beauty :

Farmer Grey had fine horses in his stable. One of them was a good looking shiny-black horse. He looked after his horses very well.

One day, it so happened that Squire Gordon had wanted to buy a horse. He had seen the shiny-black horse in Farmer Grey’s stable and said, “That is a fine horse, Grey. How much would you sell it to me for?”

Farmer Grey was fond of that particular horse. It was only a few months old. He hesitated but he needed the money. A deal was struck and the horse was sold.

Squire Gordon liked his black horse so much that he called it Black Beauty. He rode on Black Beauty proudly wherever he went. He boasted to everyone, “Black Beauty here is a first rate horse. He is as fleet-footed as a deer and very well behaved. One of the most pleasant horses I have ever ridden. ”

Black Beauty had been a little disappointed that Farmer Grey had sold him off. But he liked Squire Gordon. He was a gentleman and treated Beauty with great care. He always seemed to be flattering Beauty and showering lavish praises. He also liked the name Black Beauty. It had a nice ring to it.

Some days later, Squire Gordon took Black Beauty along with him to visit a friend. They stopped for the night at a hotel. Black Beauty was harnessed. He went to sleep. In the middle of the night, he smelt smoke. It became stronger and he could see it trickling from the hotel. Black Beauty knew it was a fire. He neighed loudly. Nobody seemed to hear. He neighed louder. Then there was a sudden rush of movement in the hotel. The fire was put out. Black beauty was the hero. When Squire Gordon returned home after visiting his friend, he was all praises for the intelligent Black Beauty.

It so happened that around the same time, the mistress of the house had fallen ill. The doctor had advised that she had to be taken to a warm place for at least two to three years. Squire Gordon packed off his children first. Then a month later it was time for him to leave. It was agreed that Black Beauty would be sold to a rich friend of his, a Count. Beauty had really got attached to Squire Gordon and his family but it was time to go.

Black Beauty started a new life. Here his name was changed to Baron. He did not like his new name. The Count and Countess too did not treat Black Beauty well. A bearing rein was tied so that he could walk around with his head held high. It was all very painful for Beauty. Beauty was treated so badly that he got angry and threw down his master, the Count.

He was sold off again. This time he thought he would be treated better. But alas it was not to be. The new master gave him another new name. He called him Blackie. Black Beauty was very unhappy. He was bought and sold a few more times until finally he was sold to Miss Ellen. She was Mrs. Gordon’s friend and had seen a horse just like this one at Squire Gordon’s house. She wondered if this was the same Black Beauty. She sent for one of Squire Gordon’s grooms who had looked after Black Beauty.

When the groom came, Beauty rejoiced. It was his old groom. He said, “Miss, this indeed is Black Beauty.”

Black Beauty was happy to be with friends of his old master. He stayed with Miss Ellen for many years.

Black Beauty

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