Call :

Call : (verb)

Call out - to speak or say in a loud clear voice (or) shout

1. The teacher called out the names of everyone in the class.
2. We had to call out an electrician.
3. The prisoners used to call out to each other from their cells.
4. She was too frightened to call out.

Call at
Call in
Call on

to make a short visit to someone

1. Let us call on Janu for ten minutes.
2. We had occasion to call on him last year.
3. He likes that you should call on him frequently.
4. I will now call on my teacher for an answer.
5. She is threatened to call in the police.

Call for : to demand

1. The opposition has called for an immediate inquiry into the behaviour of the police in shooting down innocent people.

Wanting in - lacking

not good enough or strong enough

1. Every human being is wanting in gratitude.
2. The invention was tested and found wanting in certain aspects.

Some related words take different prepositions after them.

Note the examples above.



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