Change Complex Sentences to Simple Sentences

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Change Complex Sentences to Simple Sentences :

Change the following complex sentences into simple sentences.

1. The maid admitted that she had stolen the necklace.

2. I expected I would come in first in the race.

3. We supposed he was an American.

4. She was sorry that she had missed the beginning of the speech.

5. He spoke of the time when he was a boy.

6. When the boys saw the headmaster, they kept silent.

7. He is still very active though he is very old.

8. She claims that she knows everything.

9. Tell me what your age is.

10. The little boy cried with pain when he burnt his fingers.

11. Please tell me when you will arrive.

12. I was surprised when 1 heard him talk like that.

13. She stayed at home because she had no car.

14. I was so tired that 1 couldn't walk farther.

15. I would be sorry if I heard bad reports of him.

16. It is certain that he will help you.

17. Suresh is so clever that he can solve any mathematical problem.

18. I don’t know where he lives.

19. As he hurt his leg, he stopped playing.

20. It is probable that she will arrive this evening.

Change Complex Sentences to Simple Sentences

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