Change Compound Sentences to Complex Sentences

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Change Compound Sentences to Complex Sentences :

Change the following compound sentences into complex sentences.

1. You must do your homework or the teacher will punish you.

2. The party wasn’t good, so I left early.

3. Life is short, yet we waste a lot of time.

4. Spare the rod and spoil the child.

5. This year’s harvest has been very poor and consequently the price of wheat has gone up.

6. Follow my advice or you will be in trouble.

7. He began late but finished first.

8. I was in the bath and as a result I didn’t hear the telephone.

9. They fought bravely, but they were defeated.

10. He finished the lessons and went out for a walk.

11. He was poor and couldn’t afford to buy books.

12. Hurry up, or you can’t meet him.

13. You may be very clever, yet you can’t succeed without industry.

14. We were late, so we didn’t get any food.

15. Finish the work and go home.

Change Compound Sentences to Complex Sentences

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