Change into Indirect Speech

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Change into Indirect Speech :

1. “The film is interesting,” he said.
2. “I’m waiting for the bus,” said Mary.
3. She said, “I’ve bought a blue sari.”
4. “I don’t believe you,” he said to me.
5. “I don’t believe you,’ she said to the boy.
6. He said, “My father is unwell today.”
7. “I’ve finished my work,” said Gopal.
8. “I’ll be in Mumbai next week,” he said.
9. “Sita broke the glass,” said Asha.
10. “I like ice-cream,” she said.
11. He said, “I’m leaving today.”
12. He has just said, “I’m leaving today."
13. “I know her address,” he said.
14. “You type quickly,” I said to her.
15. “I will answer the phone,” she said.
16. He said, “I forgot to post the letter.”
17. “I met him five days ago,” she said.
18. Aruna said, “I’m staying with my aunt now.”
19. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said.
20. “My father may come tonight,” she said.
21. “Clean the blackboard,” the teacher said to me.
22. “Wash your face,” she said to the boy.
23. “Come again at four,” said the manager.
24. “Have a cup of coffee,” she said.
25. “Don’t read so fast,” said the teacher.
26. “Please lend me you umbrella,” he said.
27. He said, “Don’t sit on my bed.”
28. “Post these letters,” he said to his servant.
29. He said, “Please wait here till I come back.”
30. “Please don’t disturb me,” she said.
31. “Turn off the TV,” he said.
32. “Don’t waste your time,” I said to the boy.
33. “Please show me your passport,” he said.
34. “Don’t shout,” she said. “Talk softly.”
35. “Open the door,” he said, “and draw the curtain.”
36. “Don’t forget to put the light off before you go to bed,” he said.
37. “Sell this scooter and buy a new one,” he said.
38. “Remember to take the umbrella when you leave,” she said.
39. “Don’t be so rash, Gopi.” said his mother. “Think well before you do it.”
40. “Take your muddy shoes off before you come into the house,” she said to the boy.
41. "Take your books with you," he asked me.
42. "I will not come with you to the function," my father said to my mother.

Change into Indirect Speech

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