Changing The Degree of Comparison

Changing The Degree of Comparison :

It is possible to change the Degree of comparison of an Adjective in a sentence without changing the meaning of the sentence.

Study the following sentences.

Note the adjectives how they are used for comparison. The meaning of the sentence doesn't change. The sentences may look same in all degrees. But, the order of words which indicates the existence of the particular degree of comparison is changing. But, the meaning is not changing.

1. He would sooner die than tell a lie. (comparative)
2. He would die as soon as he tells a lie. (positive)

1. Salem mango is the best in India. (superlative)
2. Salem mango is better than any other mango in India. (comparative)
3. No other mango in India is as good as Salem mango. (positive)

1. Some people have more money than brains. (comparative)
2. Some people do not have as much brains as money. (positive)

1. A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend. (comparative)
2. A foolish friend is not as good as a wise enemy. (positive)

1. I know him quite as well as you do. (positive)
2. You do not know him better than I do. (comparative)

1. It is easier to preach than to practice. (comparative)
2. To practise is not so easy as to preach. (positive)

1. Open rebuke is better than secret love. (comparative)
2. Secret love is not as good as open rebuke. (positive)

1. The pen is mightier than the sword. (comparative)
2. The sword is not as mighty as the pen. (positive)

1. The LIC building is not the tallest of all the buildings in Chennai. (superlative)

2. The LIC building is not taller than some other buildings in Chennai. (comparative)

3. Some other buildings in Chennai are perhaps taller than the LIC building. (comparative)

4. Some other buildings in Chennai are at least as tall as the LIC building. (positive)

5. The LIC building is perhaps not as tall as some other buildings in the city. (positive)

1. Banu is not one of the most intelligent girls in the class. (superlative)
2. Some girls of the class are more intelligent than Banu. (comparative)
3. Banu is less intelligent than some other girls of the class. (comparative)
4. Banu is not as intelligent as some other girls of the class. (positive)

1. It is better to starve than to beg. (comparative)
2. It is not as good as to beg as (it is) to starve.

1. Some beans are at least as nutritious as meat. (positive)
2. Some beans are not less nutritious than meat. (comparative)

Changing The Degree of Comparison

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