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Cinema is another wonderful gift of science. It has become one of the most popular sources of entertainment and enlightenment. Today it is usually called MOTION PICTURES. It is 108 years old. The first motion picture exhibited to a public audience was made in 1895 by the French brothers Louis and Augusta Lumiere. They developed their equipment from the inventions of Thomas Alva Edison. The first commercial success was the American film THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY (1903). With the screening of HARISCHANDRA in 1913 there dawned the age of motion pictures in India. It ran for eight weeks and every showing was accompanied by a running commentary to explain the story. Alam Ara in Hindustan was the first talkies film and it was released on March 14 - 1931. In the beginning, the producers produced only the religious and mythological films. The people used to see these films with great interest. Almost all the stories of our great epics were filmed not only in Hindi but also in regional languages.

The motion picture recorded a radical change in theme, technique and treatment. The taste and liking also changed. So social, historical and thrill films were produced. The thirties-forties had been called the golden age of our film industry. There were eminent directors, actors and actresses, story writers and lyrists and play-back singers. It is highly impossible to give the names of all artists and film personalities. The years 1942-45 witnessed a boom in trade and industry in India. The cinema enjoyed its share of prosperity. The picture depicted real as well as natural life. They were related to the actual life of all sections of the people. Music, dance, dialogue and comic scenes were of great standard.

In due course, the love of money brought in so called producers who had not the slightest qualification for or knowledge of films. They wanted quick return. Adding to this, the likings of the people like the factory workers and students changed. The deterioration in the film industry increased. Instead of real life, there came unnatural and reel life pictures. The producers began to say that they had been producing pictures according to the taste of the cine-goers.

In the name of entertainment, the producers have taken up unnatural romantic stories. All these stories are the same. There is a hero, a heroine and one or more villains. It includes fighting, dual song or group song with hero and heroine. They go round the tree or a bush, run in the park or in the slopes of a hill. That is what we see in the picture today.

So films of today mar the character and the mind of students and youths. The film industry is successful only in debasing and depriving the national health and character. The producers give undue prominence to the film stars. The story values absolutely relegated to the background. This is not so in Hollywood. Secondly huge amount of money will be spent on sets, out-door shootings. Spending crores and crores of rupees has become a fashion now. In spite of it most of such costly films failed in the box office. So the producers and directors should evolve a plan and a strategy in film making so that they will be able to produce a film like….

1. A Beautiful Mind
2. The sound of music
3. Mahatma Gandhi
4. Dho Ankei Barah Hath
5. Janak Janak Pahile Baje
6. Dr. Kotnis


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