Classes of Conjunctions

Classes of Conjunctions :

There are two classes of conjunctions. They are….

1. Co-Ordinating Conjunctions
2. Subordinating Conjunctions

1. Co-Ordinating Conjunctions

Men walk and birds fly.

Principal Clause – 1 - Men walk
Conjunction - and
Principal Clause – 2 - birds fly

Principal Clause – 1 (Men walk) and Principal Clause – 2 (birds fly) are combined by the conjunction AND.

These are two independent sentences. AND is a conjunction. It joins two sentences of equal ranks grammatically. AND is called a co-ordinating conjunction.

So, a Co-ordinating conjunction joins together clauses of equal ranks.

The main Co-ordinating Conjunctions are ….

1. And
2. But
3. For
4. Or
5. Nor
6. Also
7. Either…..or
8. Neither…..nor

There are four kinds of Co-Ordinating Conjunctions. They are….

1. Cumulative Conjunctions
2. Adversative Conjunctions
3. Alternative Conjunctions
4. Illative Conjunctionss

Cumulative Conjunctions are also called by other names. They are….

1. Copulative Conjunctions
2. Accumulative Conjunctions

Disjunctive Conjunction is another name for Alternative Conjunction.

2. Subordinating Conjunctions

A subordinating conjunction joins a clause to another on which it depends for its full meaning.

1. After
2. Although
3. As
4. Because
5. Before
6. Of
7. That
8. Though
9. Till
10. Unless
11. When
12. Where
13. While

These are called Subordinating Conjunctions.

Classes of Conjunctions

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