Classification of Determiners

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Classification of Determiners :

Determiners are words that determine or limit the nouns that follow. They include articles (a, an and the), demonstrative adjectives (this, that, these, those), possessive adjectives (my, your) and adjectives of quantity (all, both, much, many, some)

Determiners can be arranged in six classes according to the type of nouns with which they are used.

1. Those which are used with singulars (countable or uncountable)…

1. This
2. That

2. Those which are used only with singular countables….

1. A
2. an
3. either
4. every
5. neither
6. each

3. Those which are used only with plural countables….

1. these
2. those
3. many
4. several
5. few
6. both

4. Those which are used only with uncountables….

1. much
2. little

5. Those which can be used with any noun (singular or plural, countable, uncountable)….

1. the
2. no
3. my
4. his
5. her
6. its
7. their
8. my
9. some

Classification of Determiners

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