Collocating Prepositions

Collocating Prepositions :

COL-LOCATE means (of words) going together or with another word in a way which sounds natural.

STRONG collocates with COFFEE.

But we do not say POWERFUL COFFEE as POWERFUL does not collocate with COFFEE.

Colloquial : (of words, phrases & style) of or suitable for ordinary, informal or familiar conversation not formal or special to literature.

A collocation is a grouping of words. They come of common usage. They are not idioms. The meaning of words used is clear.

We say….

1. a heavy smoker
2. a chain smoker
3. free of charge
4. freak of nature
5. bring to a halt
6. call a halt to
7. to keep the place
8. peace of mind
9. peace and quiet

Note : The word order cannot be changed in these phrases. Also, other words cannot be used. Words can not be replaced in these phrases by words of similar meaning.

Examples of Collocating Prepositions :

1. I graduated from Madras university. (graduate from)

2. There are no grounds for convicting the accused. (grounds for)

3. Smoking is harmful to health. (harmful to)

4. They commented on her pretty face. (NOT He commented about her pretty face.)

5. What is the reason for his failure? (NOT What is the reason of his failure?)

6. Let us discuss our problems. (NOT Let us discuss about our problems.)

7. You consider all aspects of the issue. (NOT You consider about all aspects of the issue.)

8. We have to participate in the discussion. (NOT We have to participate the discussion)

9. You must be able to adapt to changing conditions. (NOT You must be able to adapt changing conditions.)

Collocating Prepositions

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