Combine Sentences

Combine Sentences :

Several of the methods described above may be combined in the same sentence. Study carefully the following examples.

Separate : The meeting ended in great disorder. It was held in the Cama Hall. The object of the meeting was to pass a resolution on the railway strike.

Combined : The meeting held in the Cama Hall to pass a resolution on the railway strike ended in great disorder.

Separate : The king was ill. The people heard the news. They went to the palace.

Combined : Hearing the news of the king's illness, the people went to the palace.

Separate : The English nobles remembered the example set them by their fathers. This was set them in the reign of King John. The government by Henry III was equally bad. He had foreign favourites. The nobles were determined to put an end to these things.

Combined : The English nobles, remembering the example set them by their fathers in the reign of King John, were determined to put an end to the equally bad government of Henry III with his foreign favourites.

Separate : Henry was fond of children. This was one strong point in his character. His fondness for learning was another strong point. In other respects his character was devoid of any commendable qualities.

Combined : But for two strong points - the love of children and fondness for learning - the character of Henry was devoid of any commendable qualities.

Combine the following sets of sentences into Simple sentences, by any of tlte methods shown above.

1. We honour the name of Wellington. He won the battle of Waterloo. He destroyed the power of Napoleon.

2. He had to pay certain debts. His son had contracted them. His son was an improvident youth.

3. Things are not going well now. They went well previously. At that time he had not been placed in charge.

4. The whole house has been happy. Someone had brought us good news. This was the cause of the happiness.

5. Some things are known. Others are unknown. The former help us to understand the latter.

6. He could not speak. He was thoroughly ashamed of his misconduct.

7. He had found out his mistake. He was very sorry. It was then too late.

8. Insurrections had come to an end. Henry VII after this desired to have his children married. He desired to amass money. He devoted his attention to these two things.

9. The king spent the following year in Normandy. He desired to strengthen his position there. He desired to secure the succession of his son. The son was then eighteen years old.

10. There were 300 persons on board. Only one escaped. All the rest went down with the ship. One of the men drowned was Fitzstephen. He was captain of the ship. The man who escaped was a butcher of Rouen.

11. Prince William had been drowned. Henry had only one object after this. His object was to secure the crown of England for his only daughter, Matilda. She had been married to the emperor. The emperor's name was Henry V. He was now dead.

Combine Sentences :

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