Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence

Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence :

An Adverb Clause can be introduced by any of the Subordinating Conjunctions.

Separate : He gave up trying. He could never give satisfaction.
Combined : He gave up trying as he could never give satisfaction.

Separate : He became more and more rich. He was never contented.
Combined : He was never contented, however rich he became.

Separate : He is a lazy boy. The other boys in the class are not equally lazy.
Combined : He is lazier than the other boys in the same class.

Separate : He continued staring at the elephant. He seemed not to have seen one before.
Combined : He continued staring at the elephant, as if he had not seen one before.

Combine into a Complex sentence containing one or more Adverb clauses and make the italicised Verb the Predicate-Verb of the Principal Clause.

1. He found out his mistake. He was then very sorry.

2. He learnt English very rapidly. He astonished his teacher by this.

3. A thief goes about his work very cautiously. He does not wish to be caught.

4. I may perhaps be allowed to speak. I can then explain everything.

5. He is a clever boy. No other boy in the class is more clever.

6. The school-bell rang. All the pupils immediately went to their places.

7. He possessed enormous wealth. He never enjoyed peace of mind. He never enjoyed freedom from care.

8. A man gets more wealth. He then wants more.

9. He was not yet seventeen years old. He could not at that age take possession of his estates.

10. He may give me leave. He may not give me leave. I shall go back to my parents in either case.

Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence :

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