Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence

Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence :

Study the following examples in which two or more Simple sentences have been combined into a single Complex sentence with the help of proper connectives.

Separate : Suraj-ud-Doulah was defeated. He fled from the field of battle. His horse could not carry him more than a few miles. His horse was of the purest Arab blood.

Combined : When Suraj-ud-Doulah fled, defeated from the field of battle, his horse, though it was of the purest Arab blood, could not carry him more than a few miles.

Separate : I left him to his fate. He persisted in refusing help. I offered him help on all occasions. On such occasions he needed it.

Combined : I left him to his fate, as he persisted in refusing help which I offered him whenever he needed it.

Separate : He was a man of bad temper. He was treated very ungraciously by the court. He was supported enthusiastically by the people. He would eagerly seize the first opportunity of taking revenge. This might be expected.

Combined : It might be expected that being a man of bad temper and having been treated ungraciously by the court, he would eagerly seize the first opportunity of taking revenge, supported as he was enthusiastically by the people.

Combine each of the following sets of sentences into one Complex sentence.

1. They were very poor. They had insufficient food for themselves. They invited the stranger to dinner.

2. The sun had risen. The violence of the storm had now abated The Admiral came ashore with a strong force. It was fully armed. He landed by means of boats. His object was to protect his ships from the hostile people on the island.

3. He walked down a winding path. At one end of the path there was a fresh grave. The body of lovely Lucy was buried in it. Her faithful dog was still seated by it.

4. A man had lost a purse. He was passing through a jungle at night. He told his servant. The servant entered the jungle. He searched long for it. It was daylight. He found it.

5. The examinations will begin next week. They will be held in the University Hall. That is the most convenient place. They have always been held there. No other building is able to accommodate all the candidates. They number several thousands. Each requires a desk to himself.

6. An anecdote is related of Frederick the Great. Frederick was King of Prussia. One day he was seated in his private room. On that occasion a petition was brought to him. The petition was accompanied with a request. The king was requested to read the petition immediately.

7. Shah Jahan was the emperor of Delhi. He was a great architect. He was a patron of art. He built the Red Fort of Delhi. It contains a beautiful marble Hall of Audience. It also contains a beautiful marble mosque.

8. I was sitting at the window. The window faced the sea. I caught sight of a bear. He was wounded. He was growling fiercely.

9. The boy stood on the deck. The deck was burning. All others had fled. The boy cried aloud for his father.

10. He was mounted on a beautiful steed. His father had given it to him. Men accompanied him. They acted as his bodyguard. He set out for Agra. He intended to visit the Taj Mahal there. He had never seen it.

Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence :

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Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence
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