Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence

Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence :

Study carefully the following examples.

Separate : In former times there was a class of persons. They were called knights-errant. They were clad in coats-of-mail. They rode about singly One object was to fight with one another at tournaments. The other object was to redress the wrongs of persons. These persons sought their assistance.

Combined : In former times there was a class of persons called knights-errant, who were dad in coats-of-mail and rode about singly with the object either of fighting with one another at tournaments or of redressing the wrongs of those who sought their assistance.

Separate : The lion was let out of its cage for the amusement of the spectators It did not then run at Androcles to devour him. It came up quietly. It fawned upon him. A dog fawns in the same way upon its master. It licked his hand. He had been kind to it in the forest. It remembered this.

Combined : The lion, on being let out of its cage for the amusement of the spectators, did not run at Androcles to devour him, but came up quietly, fawned upon him, as a dog fawns upon its master and licked his hand, remembering that he had been kind to it in the forest.

Combine each of the following groups of Simple sentences into a Simple, Complex or Double sentence. The italicized Verb shows the Predicate-Verb of the Principal clause. The other clauses in each sentence are either Co-ordinate or Subordinate.

1. The murder was proved. The judge then ordered the man to be executed. The man had been four days on trial.

2. We heard the sad news. We immediately started for the afflicted house. There we found the mourners.

3. He behaved prudently under the circumstances. Few men would have acted so prudently.

4. I will visit your house in June next. You have frequently asked me to do so. I will not disappoint you any longer.

5. The followers of Suraj-ud-Doulah deserted him. They hated his cruelty and vices. They had often praised him to his face.

6. Richard I, the King of England, was seized with remorse. He had rebelled against his father. The father at that time was an old man. He was much attached to all his sons.

7. I am very sorry. He has lost all hope. He has given up work. He worked hard last year. He has excellent abilities.

8. The ships were in the greatest danger. They had not been sufficiently warned. A violent storm was rising. Yesterday the wind was calm.

9. The people were not ill-prepared for war. Every man had been trained to arms once in his life. That was the law of the country. That law was always faithfully observed.

10. They had now finished their meal. They at once resumed their journey. They walked another ten miles. They then stopped and rested.

11. There is no longer any fear of invasion. The army may be reduced. The ships may return to port. The sailors may go back to their homes.

12. The wind was strong. It drove the ship ashore. The ship ran on to the sand. It remained there for several days.

13. For an hour he continued telling them stories of absorbing interest. They all had the element of mystery. All of them dealt with crimes. The crimes thus dealt with were atrocious. They were equally inexplicable.

14. I have devoted my life to teaching. To a man in my position there is something exciting in finding himself in sight of an ancient university. This is a fact.

15. The next two months were most pleasantly spent in this lovely island. During that time we made many friends amongst the planters. We also enjoyed their hospitality. They are noted for being hospitable.

16. John signed. John was a king. It was a document called Magna Carta that he signed. John was afraid of his barons. He did not care about liberty.

Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence :

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Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence
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