Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence

Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence :

A Noun Clause can be introduced by the Conjunction THAT or by some Interrogative Adverb.

Separate : The rose is the sweetest of flowers. This is certain.

Combined : It is certain that the rose is the sweetest of flowers.

Separate : He is going to some place. No one knows it.

Combined : No one knows where he is going.

Separate : He will get us out of this difficulty in some way or other. His way of doing it is known to no one but himself.

Combined : How he will get us out of this difficulty is known to no one but himself.

Separate : He had made a serious mistake. He had caused much mischief thereby. Perceiving this he confessed his fault.

Combined : Perceiving that he had made a serious mistake and caused much mischief thereby, he confessed his fault.

Combine into a Complex sentence containing one or more Noun Clauses and make the italicised Verb the Predicate - Verb of the Principal Clause.

1. He will not return soon.He declared this to be his intention.

2. Some one will be selected to watch my work. My reputation will depend on him.

3. Perhaps better luck is in store for us. We hope so.

4. Is there any hope of his success? That was my question.

5. He was innocent. That was the verdict of the jury.

6. You have succeeded very well. This was news to us. It gave us much pleasure.

7. Our friend will soon recover his health. There is no doubt of this.

8. He is going somewhere. I do not know. His best friends do not know.

9. He cannot resist your claims. He cannot deny your merits. Of this you map be sure.

10. It was your duty to make the best use of your time at school. You found this out too late.

11. Your hopes about your son's future may or may not be fulfilled. Time alone will show.

12. Someone has been making a great noise. I should like to know the person.

13. Columbus discovered America in a certain way. He was provided with ships and men by a certain king. He met with certain difficulties on the way. I should like to be told about these things.

14. You have come from a certain place. You have come for a certain purpose. You began your journey on a certain day.You arrived here on a certain day. Tell me about these things.

15. The earth moves round the sun.The sun does not move round the earth. It seems to move round the earth. Men of science have clearly proved these points.

Combine Simple Sentences into Complex Sentence :

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