Combine Simple Sentences

Combine Simple Sentences :

Combine the following Simple sentences into one Double or Multiple sentence, using as few Finite Verbs as possible.

1. Two cats had stolen some cheese. They could not decide how to divide it equally between them. They decided to ask a monkey to settle the dispute for them. They went to the monkey at once for that purpose.

2. He passed the examination. No one expected him to do so. He came out at the head of the pass list.

3. I was not the only person to hear the strange story. You heard it. You believed it to be true. I did not believe it.

4. Every boy should learn how to swim. Swimming is a fine, healthy exercise. Swimming is often the means of saving one's own life. Swimming is often the means of saving the lives of others.

5. He rushed out of the room in time. He would have been crushed to death by the falling of the roof. The roof fell very suddenly. It gave scarcely any warning of the impending crash.

6. He is a rich man. He is not proud of his wealth. He makes no distinction between rich and poor.

7. A certain rumour was current. He was said to have been taken seriously ill. He was quite well. He wrote to me that very day. He informed me by letter of his intention to extend his business.

8. The prince was now conscious of his fault. He submitted to the order. He allowed himself to be led away to prison. He had enough sense to know the necessity of obeying the law. In so doing he set an example to princes in all future ages.

9. We would have entered that dark cave. We would have explored thoroughly its inner parts. We had no torches. We were forced to give up the attempt.

10. The northern States of America waged a war against the southern. The contest lasted four years. The northern States fought for freedom. The southern States fought for slavery. In spite of their long resistance, the southern States were finally defeated.

11. I am young. You are old and experienced. I was afraid of your age and dignity. I dared not speak my mind openly before you.

12. The people of this place are thrifty. They are industrious. I noticed the fertility of their fields. Their cottages were neat. Their persons were clean.

13. You were promoted. You had worked hard all last year. Two other students carried off the prizes.

14. The robber was notorious for his evil deeds. The hermit was known everywhere for his good deeds. This made the robber jealous of the hermit. The hermit's reputation was superior to the robber's.

15. Almost all the combatants were said to have been slain on the battlefield. A large number of them escaped alive. Many of these took up arms again in the following year. They wished to defend their country. They loved their country.

16. The boat seemed likely to sink. He did not lose his courage. He continued pulling the oars. He brought the boat safely to land.

17. He caught the robbers. He never got back the stolen property. The property consisted of gold and silver ornaments. It was worth 1,500 rupees.

18. The storm had now passed.The sun rose above the horizon. Every drop of dew sparkled like a diamond. The birds warbled their morning hymns. The streams were dancing down the rocks or through the glens.

19. A poor Arab came suddenly upon a spring of sweet water. He had never before tasted any but the water of brackish wells.He thought such sweet water fit only for a king. He filled his leathern bottle from the spring. He set off to present it to the Khalif.

20. The courtiers pressed forward. They desired to taste this precious water. The Khalif forbade them to taste even a drop. The water had turned sour on the way. The Khalif did not desire to give offence to the peasant. The peasant was simple-minded. The peasant was loyal.

21. You have finished the job before the time. You have done it in good style. This is more than I expected of you. You have never before shown so much quickness and energy. I have seen a great deal of you for many years past.

22. The Jews begged Pilate to release Barabbas. They begged him to condemn Jesus to death. Jesus was innocent. Barabbas was a robber.

23. A boat was lowered. The prince at once put off from the sinking vessel. The nobles put off. He heard the cries of his half-sister. He returned to the vessel. His purpose was to save his half-sister.

Combine Simple Sentences :

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