Combine The Groups of Sentences

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Combine The Groups of Sentences :

Combine each of the following groups of sentences into one simple, complex or compound sentence.

A crow was sitting on a tree.
He had a piece of cheese in his mouth.
A fox saw it.

The king awoke.
He called all his warriors to him.
He ordered them to prepare for battle.

Friendship increases happiness.
It reduces misery.
Cicero says so.
He is a great Roman orator.

The most notable of these sisters was Francoise Mario.
She was left an orphan.
Then she was eleven years old.

My fellow-traveller had a gun.
He was boasting of his bravery.
Suddenly a bear came from behind a rock close in front of us.
It stood in our way.
It was growling angrily.

He ran to the nearest tree.
He dropped his gun.
He climbed to a safe place.
He did not think of his poor friend.

It was about noon.
I was going towards my boat.
I saw the print of a man’s foot on the shore.
I was shocked.

It was a dark night.
I was returning home.
My foot struck against a stump.
The stump was hidden.
I fell flat.

Jesus was the son of God.
He came into the world to save people from sin or doing wrong.
Christians believe so.

Gravity is a force.
The force keeps us on the ground.
It makes things fall to the ground.
It determines the movements of the stars and planets.

Combine The Groups of Sentences

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