Common Mistake while Writing in English

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Common Mistake while Writing in English :

1. My sister is seven.
2. My sister is seven years.
3. My sister is seven years of old.

1. I didn’t reply his letter.
2. I didn’t reply to his letter.
3. I didn’t answer to his letter.

1. She said that she was unwell.
2. She told that she was unwell.
3. She told to me that she was unwell.

1. I will come on Saturday afternoon.
2. I will come in Saturday afternoon.
3. I will come Saturday afternoon.

1. She laid in bed for a long time.
2. She lay in bed for a long time.
3. She was lay in bed for a long time.

1. We must attend the lecture.
2. We must attend for the lecture.
3. We must attend to the lecture.

1. She prefers bread more than cakes.
2. She prefers bread than cake.
3. She prefers bread to cake.

1. We call him Gopi.
2. We call him as Gopi.
3. We call him to be Gopi.

1. He entered in the garden.
2. He entered the garden.
3. He entered into the garden.

1. She gave me a good advice.
2. She gave me good advice.
3. She gave me good piece of advice.

1. I am awaiting for his message.
2. I am awaiting his message.
3. I am waiting for his message.

1. Get down the bus here!
2. Get off the bus here!
3. Get off from the bus here!

1. Whose spectacle is this?
2. Whose spectacles is this?
3. Whose spectacles are these?

1. He is in the ninth class.
2. He is reading in the ninth class.
3. He is studying in the ninth class.

1. He is junior to me.
2. He is junior than me.
3. He is more junior than me.

1. His parents prevented him to marry her.
2. His parents prevented him from marrying her.
3. His parents prevented him in marrying her.

1. The pant doesn’t suit you.
2. The pants doesn't suit you.
3. The pants don’t suit you.

1. It’s time we pack.
2. It’s time we packed.
3. It’s time we’ve packed.

1. I have an account with this bank.
2. I have an account in this bank.
3. I have an account on this bank.

1. When will he reach there?
2. When will he reach?
3. When will he arrive?

Common Mistake while Writing in English

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