Common Mistakes in Using Determiners

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Common Mistakes in Using Determiners :

Correct the following sentences.

1. Would you give me an advice?
2. The dinner will be ready soon.
3. Nearly four hundreds men are working in this factory.
4. The police has made several arrests.
5. My spectacles is broken.
6. He learnt to play guitar.
7. The both saris are good.
8. I usually go to the bed at ten.
9. Himalayas lie to the north of India.
10. He has beautiful furnitures in his house.
11. Mumps are a painful disease.
12. Many great ships cross Atlantic.
13. He was sent to the prison for five years.
14. We have bought two dozens cakes.
15. Did you go to the church last Sunday, Peter?
16. The injured people were taken to the hospital.
17. It is a beautiful scenery.
18. My cousin has gone to USA for higher studies.
19. The trouser is too loose for me.
20. I have an urgent work to do.
21. Would you please give me two papers?
22. The scissors belongs to me.
23. Mathematics are a difficult subject.
24. There are over a hundred sheeps in the fold.
25. Godavary is the largest river in Andhra Pradesh.
26. Fifteen minutes are allowed to each speaker.
27. The news are at 8 o’clock on TV.
28. We play the tennis in the evenings.
29. He looks like an European.
30. The Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
31. Would you like any rice?
32. Can I have little water?
33. These all mangoes are ripe.
34. She has heard a bad news.
35. Can you speak the French?
36. His both sons are doctors.

Common Mistakes in Using Determiners

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