Common Mistakes in Using Nouns

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Common Mistakes in Using Nouns :

Wrong : She can play violin very well.
Right : She can play the violin very well.

THE is used before names of musical instruments.
Wrong : I play the cricket every day.
Right : I play cricket every day.

Names of games don’t take an article.

Wrong : He works in USA.
Right : He works in the USA.

Plural names of countries take THE.
The USA = United States of America

Wrong : She speaks the English fluently.
Right : She speaks English fluently.

Names of languages don’t take THE.
But when they are followed by the word language , we should use THE.
The English language…

Wrong : The price of the gold is going up.
Right : The price of gold is going up.

Names of metals, when used in a general sense, don’t take an article.

Wrong : We usually have the lunch at 12.30.
Right : We usually have lunch at 12.30.

Names of meals take no article, unless specially qualified.

Wrong: Joseph goes to the church regularly.
Right: Joseph goes to church regularly.

Wrong: She isn’t old enough to go to the school.
Right: She isn’t old enough to go to school.

Wrong: He was sent to the prison for theft.
Right: He was sent to prison for theft.

Wrong: He is seriously ill and has to go to the hospital.
Right: He is seriously ill and has to go to hospital.

Wrong: What time do you go to the bed?
Right: What time do you go to bed?

The nouns church, school, college, prison, hospital, bed take no article when we think of the use made of the buildings or objects.

Wrong : Will you have any tea ?
Right : Will you have some tea ?

ANY is normally used in questions. But in questions which are really offers and requests SOME is used.

Wrong : May I have little sugar?
Right : May I have a little sugar?

Wrong : I want to buy few apples.
Right : I want to buy a few apples.

The words LITTLE and FEW without A have a negative force and mean HARDLY ANY. These words with A mean….a small quantity, but at least some.

Wrong : These both girls are clever.
Right : Both these girls are clever.

Wrong : My all children have gone out.
Right : All my children have gone out.

BOTH and ALL come before the, this, these, that, those, my, your & his.

Common Mistakes in Using Nouns

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