Common Mistakes while Using Verbs

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Common Mistakes while Using Verbs :

When used with a THAT-CLAUSE, the verb TELL takes an indirect object (me, us, him & her). The verb SAY is used without an indirect object.

Wrong : I want that you should work hard.
Right: I want you to work hard.

The verb WANT is used with a TO-INFINITIVE, not with a THAT-CLAUSE.

Wrong : I suggest you to see a doctor.
Right : I suggest that you should see a doctor.

The verb SUGGEST is used with a THAT-CLAUSE, not with a TO-INFINITIVE.

Wrong : He enjoys to see films.
Right : He enjoys seeing films.

The verb enjoy is followed by an ING form, not by a TO-INFINITIVE.

Wrong : I made him to do all the work.
Right : I made him do all the work.

The verb MAKE takes a plain infinitive (base form), not a TO-INFINITIVE.

Wrong : She called him as a fool.
Right : She called him a fool.

The verb CALL is not followed by as.

Wrong : The patient laid on the bed.
Right : The patient lay on the bed.

The verbs LIE (intransitive) and LAY (transitive) are confused.
Its past tense and past participle forms are LAY & LAIN.

Its past tense and past participle forms are LAID & LAID.
The verb lie meaning things that are not true” has the forms lied, lied.)

Wrong : He was hung for murder.
Right : He was hanged for murder.

In the sense “put to death by hanging,” hang, hanged ^ hanged are used. In other sense hang, hung & hung are used.

Wrong : We discussed about the matter.
Right : We discussed the matter.

Wrong : He described about the journey.
Right : He described the journey.

Wrong : I have ordered for four cups of tea.
Right : I have ordered four cups of tea.

Wrong : She requested for my help.
Right : She requested my help.

The verbs discuss, describe, order, request are transitive and are not therefore followed by prepositions.

Wrong : I am awaiting for your reply.
Right : I am waiting your reply.
Right : I am waiting for your reply.

Common Mistakes while Using Verbs

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