Comparatives but Positives

Comparatives but Positives :

There are certain English Comparatives that have lost their comparative value and are now used as positives. They are not followed by 'than' as there is no comparison.

These are former, elder, hinder, latter , neither, inner, outer, upper and utter.

Former : (adjective) [no-comparative] - rather the first (of two things or people just mentioned)

1. Of Tamilnadu and Kerala, the former (state) has a larger population.

2. Of the two houses, the former seems to be more convenient.

3. I met Ram and Rahim. The former is a bank officer and the latter is an industrialist.

Ram - the former
Rahim - the latter

Latter : (adjective) (no-comparison) - near to the end

1. In the latter years of my life, I hope to be more useful to the humanity at large.

latter - (adjective) (noun) - the second - (of two people or things just mentioned)

1. The latter chapters of the book are more interesting.

Hinder : (adjective) : at the back - placed at the back - the fartherest behind - the last

1. The hinder legs of the animal are longer.

Upper : (adjective) in a higher position (than something lower)

1. I want a job in the upper ranks of the society.

2. I yearn to have a job in the upper echelons of the civil services.

3. My upper arm is giving trouble.

4. People at the upper layer of this society are least worried about us.

Neither : [determiner] (pronoun) - not one and not the other of the two

1. Neither road is good. (adjective)

2. Neither of the roads is good. (pronoun)

Inner : (adjective) [no comparison] - on the inside - close to the middle

1. The inner ear is a very delicate structure.

2. His words have inner meaning.

3. The inner mind of a human being is a complicated affair.

Outer : (adjective) [no comparison] - on the outside - at a greater distance from the middle

outer (opposite) inner

1. Many colleges are there only in the outer areas of this city.

2. The outer places of this college are yet to be cleaned.

Utter : (adjective) [especially something bad] - complete – absolute

1. It was an utter waste of time.

2. I am no utter fool.

3. What you have done so far to me is nothing but utter waste.

Comparatives but Positives

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