Complement of The Verb

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Complement of The Verb :

Look at the sentences below. The words in italics are complements.

This is Suresh.
These CDs are mine.
I feel very fine today.
She looks really cheerful.
Kalpana Chawla became a great astronaut.

A complement is a word or word group that follows a verb and relates it to the subject. If describes the subject or identifies it. Only a small number of verbs like be (= am / is / are / was/ were), become, seem, appear, look and feel have complements.

Verbs which have complements are called linking verbs. In some senses verbs turn, grow, go, get & keep are used as linking verbs.

The leaves turned yellow.
The teacher grew angry.
The screen went blank.
It is getting late.
He fell asleep.
The children kept quiet.

Complement of The Verb

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