Compound Adverbs

Compound Adverbs :

BY AND BY : (before long) - soon

1. I am going to forget my wife by and by.
2. By and by, my wife's memory is fading out.

FAR and AWAY : by a great deal or amount - very much

1. Banumathy is far and away the best actress in South India.

1. Far and wide
2. Everywhere
3. Far and hear

1. They looked far and wide for the missing child.
2. People come from far and near to see the matinee idol.

FIRST and FOREMOST : most importantly - above all else

He has written many different kinds of books. But he is first and foremost a poet.

1. Now and then : at times
2. Now and again : sometimes

She meets the old boy friend for a drink now and then.

1. Off and on
2. From time to time
3. On and off
4. Sometimes

I worked two years off and on on the English Tamil dictionary.

ONCE and AGAIN : now again, as in the past – repeatedly

1. With this new book, she has once again proved her remarkable talent.
2. I told you once and again that you shouldn't accept such jobs.

OUT and AWAY : much

1. He is out and away the worst foolish man I know.

OUT and OUT : certainly or decidedly

1. I think Ravi is out and out the best bowler in team.
2. I am a rogue out and out.
3. We are out and out Indians by birth.

OVER and ABOVE : as well as or besides

1. Over and above his teaching duties, he is the chairman of two committees.

OVER and OVER : many times – frequently

1. I read the Ramayana over and over.
1. We have traveled through Trichy over and over.

THROUGH and THROUGH : completely or in every way

1. I have read the Gita through and through.

THUS and THUS : such and such a way

1. Thus and thus only, I shall succeed.

TO and FRO : up and down - backwards and forwards

1. Whenever I think, I walk to and fro.
2. The fees is only for To and FRO.

Note how adverbs are used in the above sentences. It may be noticed that two adverbs go together joined by the conjunction AND.

Compound Adverbs

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